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Yola is our main plattform for the most of the work we do, Yola provides exelent tools to make webbsites, blogg´s, webshoppes with a lot of futures to make it easy to do cool things with your work.

In that we add some Javascript/ HTLM code tools to make that litle extra with cool stuff, like menys and custom buttons.

The SEO "search engine optimizing" Hard part á? dont´worry, we have good tools for that to. Yola has a good Seo base to work from and then we use other link back tools and Analycktics from Google.


Our Main Sitebuilder we are using, this webbased software is realy great and easy to use. 

Button Generator is an easy to use tool to make all kind of buttons, all the button templates you can tweek as you want them, you can do buttons with menyes too but that is a bit tricky to get it working.

Updates about the menys will come. 

 Free Forums & Other Embeddable Apps

 RSS include is an very potential tool to add rss feeds to your sites, it shows automaticaly what feeds you have on each site and you chose from there what feed you vant to use.

This is under trial and tested to see if vant to pay for it!!!

rss 2 thml. is for free to use but it is a bit unstabil. it is easy and you can do different RSS feeds for free. 

 Here you can get help boost your ranking up on all search engins like Google, Yahoo exc.. there is an one time cost but if you REALY want some boost so.